A non-profit Buddhist religious organization.
We are Mahayana Buddhist tradition and organization.  We provide Buddhist sutra/mantra reciting, Buddhist teaching, Buddhist principles, Buddhist resources , and Buddhist study.
Sutra/Mantra Texts:  We recite/sing sutra/mantra in Chinese mandarin .All our sutra/mantra reading texts are in Chinese, and some texts has English translations.
Our sutra/mantra reciting/pray services:  our goal is to provide Blessings for happiness, peace, good health to all families, our city, our country and the world.
16525 NE Glisan st. Portland Oregon 97230.
Hours – open to public :
Tuesday – Sunday : 10AM – 5PM
Monday – Close.
** Sunday Service : 10AM – 12PM.
* 12PM – 1PM : Lunch ( Vegetarian).
***  There will be chanting service on the 1st and 15th of Lunar Calendar .
10:30AM – 12PM.
  Not doing the evil deeds, Gathering the wholesome, Purifying one’s own mind –
                            That is teaching of the Buddha”

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